Topic Researchers
Mechanical Effects of Tree Roots on Fracture Propagation in Rocks

Tahiru Mawia

Deformation Associated with Serpentinization at Mid-Oceanic Ridges with Reference to the TAG Hydrothermal Area Gence Genc
Mechanics of Exfoliation Process Devon Gwaba
Hydraulic Fracturing in Saturated Cohesionless Particulate Materials Robert S. Hurt
Mathematical modeling and field testing of coupled hydrothermal and seismic phenomena at mid-ocean ridges (pdf file) Pierre Ramondenc
Mechanics of Catastrophic Failure in Soils Sihyun Kim
Fracture processes on small extraterrestrial bodies in the Solar system (pdf file) Chanin Ruangthaveekoon
Mechanics of sand production for petroleum reservoirs (pdf file) Jongwon Choi
Image Guided Constitutive Modeling of the Brain Tissue Cem Ozan
Mixed mode mechanism of fracture branching and segmentation in geomaterials (pdf file) Ruiting Wu (alumni)
Visualization of flow and transport in hydraulic fractures Peter Dyke (alumni)
Multisegmented hydraulic fractures (pdf file) Youngjong Sim (alumni)
Hydraulic fracture in particulate materials (pdf file) Hong Chang (alumni), Christopher D. Corrigan (alumni)
Mechanisms of rock exfoliation Roya Rostamian (alumni)
Flow characteristics of alcohol flooding in confined aquifer (pdf file) Kasemchart Sriwalai (alumni)

Fault reactivation as a result of reservoir depletion (pdf file)

Rajesh Chanpura (alumni)