Leonid Germanovich


leonid "@"




Cem Ozan


Ph.D. Student


Research: Mechanical Modeling of Brain and Breast Tissue


Sihyun Kim

(South Korea)

Ph.D. Student


Research: Mechanics of Tsunamigenic Landslides




Pierre Ramondenc


Ph.D. Student


Research: Mathematical modeling and field testing of coupled hydrothermal and seismic phenomena at mid-ocean ridges



Gence Genc


Ph.D. Student


Research: Deformation Associated with Serpentinization at Mid-Oceanic Ridges with Reference to the (TAG) Hydrothermal Area

Chanin Ruangthaveekoon


Ph.D. Student


Research: Fracture Processes on Small Extraterrestrial Bodies in the Solar System


Robert S. Hurt


Ph.D. Student


Research: Hydraulic Fracturing in Saturated Cohesionless Particulate Materials



Jongwon Choi

(South Korea)

Ph.D. Student

Research: Mechanics of Sand Production from Petroleum Reservoirs


Devon Gwaba


Ph.D. Student


Research: Mechanics of Exfoliation Process


Tahiru M. Mawia


M.S. Student


Research: Mechanical Effects of Tree Roots on Fracture Propagation in Rocks







Name  / Completion Year Research at GA Tech Affiliation / Email Address / Web Page
Charles E. George, III, 2006 (M.S. Student) A Possibility of Fault Reactivation at Yucca Mountain Repository Site Jordan, Jones and Goulding (Norcross, GA) /

Holli E. Jones, 2006 (M.S. Student)

Hydraulic Fracturing in Multi-Layered Particulate Materials Terracon (Raleigh, NC) /
Ruiting Wu, 2006 (Ph.D. Student) Some Fundamental Mechanisms of Hydraulic Fracturing Schlumberger (Houston, TX) /
Peter van Dyke, 2005 (Visiting Assistant Professor) Hydraulic Fracturing / Sand Production / Visualization of Fluid Flow in Fractured Media Pinnacle Technologies. (Houston, TX) /   Peter.VanDyke "@" PinnTech.Com
Hong Chang, 2004 (Ph.D. Student) Hydraulic Fracturing in Particulate Materials Tongji University (Shanghai, China) /
Youngjong Sim, 2004 (Ph.D. Student) Mechanics of Complex Hydraulic Fractures in the Earth's Crust Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Daejun, South Korea) /
Roya Rostamian, 2003 (M.S. Student) Mechanisms of rock exfoliation

Kasemchart Sriwalai, 2002 (Ph.D. Student)

Flow characteristics of alcohol flooding in confined aquifer

Thammasat University (Thailand) /

Alla Balueva, 2001 (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Diffusion-Controlled Fractures and Material Degradation due to Hydrogen Embrittlement

Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology /

Rajesh Chanpura, 2001 (Ph.D. Student)

Fault reactivation as a result of reservoir depletion

Schlumberger /

Christopher D. Corrigan,  2001 (M.S. Student) Hydraulic fracture in particulate materials Geosyntec (Atlanta, GA) /
Dmitriy Astakhov, 2000 (Ph.D. Student) Permeability evolution as a result of fluid-rock interaction Pinnacles Technologies (Bakersfield, CA) /
Sheamus M. Kelleher, 1999 (M.S. Student) Mechanics of fracture in compression  
Steve Aiose, 1999 (B.Sc. Student) Magma chambers beneath mid ocean ridges  
Brian de Martin, 1998 (B.Sc. Student) Laser-induced fractures in transparent materials /